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App Penetration Testing

   App Penetration Testing

A simple test is just a test, but a Real-Time Assessment brings actual results. Get an in-depth analysis of the Application with ITIO’s App Penetration Test. A Tailored Solution to get a detailed result for the application. Our expert team will run Simulated Tests to list out all the loopholes for better security.


A Comprehensive solution with multiple testing methods exclusively designed for you. A result-driven solution in 5 crucial steps.

  1. Goal Testing for Target and Reconnaissance,
  2. Testing through Intrusion Tools,
  3. Gaining Access through the target vulnerability,
  4. Maintaining Access for the desired period,
  5. Analysis of Results and Prescribed Needful Steps.

Our Security Engineers are extremely talented and experienced at testing an App’s Penetrations. Hence, your organization gets the best results with complete planning and execution—no more old pen test methods. Get Cutting-edge solutions by ITIO for better Application Security and fewer breaches in the future. Contact Us Today!